" We recorded this album over two days in September 2007. Everyone was on a "high" with true passion and enthusiasm in abundance. The only "low" experienced at the time was hearing the sad news of the death of Joe Zawinul on the previous day. I have always had a certain affection for Joe and his music, and one of my compositions was definitely written with the style of Joe's band Weather Report in mind. I have since retitled it Thinking of Joe, and have given the album the same name, as a tribute to his valued contribution to jazz. All but one of the tracks on the CD are my originals. We had tremendous fun recording it and are proud of our achievement. I feel privileged to be working with such a fine bunch of talented guys." GD



Ian Hill (saxes),  Richard Baker (trombone)
Graham Dent (keyboard), TB (bass), Nick Millward (drums)

Recorded Sep 2007
JazzVibes JV006        2008
Jessica's Day (Dent)
Fatal Exception (Dent)
Waiting For Rain (Dent)
Honest Man (Dent)
Quiet Reflection (Dent)
Chicago Mouse (Dent)
Surrey With The Fringe on Top
Thinking of Joe (Dent)


Ian Hill (saxes), Richard Baker (trombone)
Graham Dent (keyboard),
Tom Bull (double bass & bass guitar)
Nick Millward (drums), Steve Laffy (drums)

Recorded Sep 2007 & May 2009
JazzVibes JV007      2009
"This album brings together a mix of my own compositions and three jazz standards. From a composing perspective I feel I am able to increasingly exploit the varied and versatile nature of the musicians involved. Particular favourite tracks of mine are Reaching Beyond, a driving 6/4 tune which gives Ian a chance to stretch out in his usual lyrical style, the funky title track Curious Terrain in which Tom plays a great bass guitar solo, and Too Young To Know, dedicated to my first grand-daughter, Emily, and featuring myself on piano. Then there is My Song by Keith Jarrett, my superstar on the piano, and an unusual arrangement of I'll Remember April. The terrain may be curious but hopefully not inaccessible to your ears." GD
Reaching Beyond (Dent)
Curious Terrain (Dent)
Too Young to Know (Dent)
Pictures of Milly (Dent)
Last Tribute to Frank (Dent)
I'll Remember April (Dent)
Cote D'Azur (Dent)