modern jazz quintet
Jucamaya  is a modern jazz quintet based in the midlands and is led by pianist Graham Dent who composes most of the band's repertoire. The band's music is contemporary but not too way-out. Graham's tunes are melodic and stylish, are in tune with the jazz tradition, and always have a strong rhythmic edge, with an occasional touch of quirkiness.  

In 2016 Graham moved from the midlands to Frome in Somerset, so the opportunities for the band to perform are more limited at present .... however Jucamaya is not dead!  If the opportunity arises for a gig, we'll take it.

The current band line up is Graham Dent (keyboard), Ian Hill (saxes), Richard Baker (trombone), Tom Bull (double bass and bass guitar) and Alan Savage (drums). The photos show a previous line up with Steve Laffy on drums instead of Alan.
More information about the musicians is on the Musicians page.

Jucamaya have recorded two albums, Thinking of Joe (2007) and Curious Terrain (2009), both of which are available to purchase at Graham Dent at Bandcamp.   Go to the Jucamaya CDs page to find out more and listen to some tracks from the CDs.
"Jucamaya's performance and Graham's tunes are like a breath of fresh air"            Mill Hill Jazz Club